Our volunteer shadchanim, from all over the world, are dedicated to helping singles find their Bashert. After the singles enter themselves into our web site, they may choose a shadchan from our published shadchanim, and contact them through email to ask for their assistance. Singles do not need to resend their resumes to the shadchanim, only their names and their computer generated ID’s for their introduction. All singles should contact the shadchanim in the geographic area where they reside now, so that the shadchanim may be able to set them up for dating purposes. All singles who are traveling, and want to date in a new location, should notify the shadchanim in the new locations, one month in advance of their arrival. The presenters and schadchanim who register with us will receive notifications about our, and other shidduch meetings in their geographic area. We reserve the right to accept anyone who seeks our help.

We hope to be Matzliach in helping you find your “Richteger Bashert”.


Dina Iskowitz President Lchaim Network


Esther Lustig Network Administrator